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Don’t Stay Sucked In

by Kim Cimuchowski

Have you ever been tempted to do something you knew was wrong? Of course you have, we all have. Let’s take a second and describe that feeling; it is like we are being pulled in or sucked into something. Unfortunately, many times we actually don’t see the temptation as wrong. It may be something as slight as slow fading morals or perhaps something we choose to do just once, but then we are “sucked” in and have trouble giving up those desires. Whatever the situation, we have all felt that magnetism of being stuck after being sucked into sin. When we realize what we have done, we understand that we have sinned and no longer have a way out on our own.

We did a science experiment with The Lord’s Lab kids to show how temptation works. We took a thin necked bottle and dropped some paper into the bottle that we had lit on fire. Very quickly the paper stopped burning because the fire ran out of oxygen. Right away we stuck balloon filled with water on the top of the bottle. Immediately we could see the balloon get sucked into the opening of the bottle. It didn’t suck it in all the way but it was most definitely stuck.

We asked the kids, how do we get this balloon unstuck? They turned it upside down and pushed and pulled but could not dislodge the balloon. Then Leisa mentioned, what if we have a helper? She handed us a straw and had us dislodge the balloon by sticking it down the side of the bottle and allowing air to escape the bottle. This release allowed the balloon to become dislodged and we were able to free the balloon.

So what’s the point? We are the balloon and we are all tempted “sucked in”. The fire and pressure is like the temptation that we feel; and the straw is God who always provides a way out of our temptation.

Many times we don’t see the way out, but we must trust God that he has a plan and will provide a way. This may take a lot of prayer or focus or meditation but the Lord will provide and he is faithful.

Temptation comes in so many forms, you always have to be on the look out.

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