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Do you bubble like a lava lamp?

by Kim Cimuchowski

Can you think of a time when someone said something that made you feel really good? Maybe it was a compliment or a “thank you” or maybe it wasn’t words at all. A hug, a card or maybe someone said they pray for you regularly. Whatever it was, how did you feel?

Now think of a time when someone really tore you down. Perhaps they made fun of your clothes, your personality or maybe your faith. How did you feel then?

As Christians we know that we are to lift each other up with our words and our deeds. But sometimes we struggle. Sometimes if feels better to tear someone else down because somehow in doing this, we are lifted up.

To teach the kids at Lord’s Lab this concept, we decided to make homemade lava lamps out of water bottles. Our teacher, Miss Leisa, poured water and oil into the water bottles. The oil floated (representing words and our deeds) and the water sank (representing those needing to be lifted up) to the bottom. Then we put some food coloring (more words and our deeds) into the water to see if it would mix with the liquids. The coloring mixed with the oil. Then we put Alka-Seltzer (representing God’s power to lift us up) into the bottle and we had a mini lava lamp. The bubbles of water bubbled through the colorful oil on top giving the look of a bubbling lava lamp (all were uplifted with words and our deeds).

The point of our little science experiment was this. We need to be people of God that lift each other up. We need to think of others and be kind. Here are some verses that might encourage you to do this.

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