The Victor Valley Church of Christ supports many mission and outreach focused ministries.  We also support individuals and groups on mission trips, on a one time basis.   

1.  City of Children—Baja’s Home for Little Ones.  We collect money for food monthly and sponsor one of the children):    This home aids in children in Ensenada, Mexico, who are abandoned, abused, needy and orphaned children.  About 100 children in the home plus many native missionaries are supported through the work.

2.  Eastern European Ministries:  Supplied Bibles in the Ukrainian and Russian languages to school children.  Also touching hearts of Romanian women and children.  Also sponsor summer youth camps.  Report that a school in Lipovets, Ukraine requested more than a 1,000 Bibles and the request was fulfilled.

3.  India Mission—Under the direction of Ron Clayton, it is the “most successful mission work among the churches of Christ  in the past four decades.”  Large numbers of baptisms have been reported each year.     [email protected]

Ron has worked in India for over 30years, working with as many as 20,000 preachers, mostly native, they support children’s homes and a women to women ministry

4.   Manuelito Children’s Home—Begun 50 years ago as a preaching mission.  Soon developed into a home for abandoned and abused children, located near the Navajo Nation in Gallup, New Mexico.  Children served by three programs, group home, single mothers program & Christian School.  A recent report praised the fact of 5 of their teens that obeyed the gospel recently.  We send regular contribution monthly plus send additional quarterly that provides laundry and dish soap. or visit their Facebook.

5.  Durban South Africa—Joshua and Linda Ankiah—He is preaching for the Church Westfield Campus of  a university in Durban.  Organizing Bible studies with individuals and some small congregations in the surrounding area.  We supplied the congregation with pre-sung songbooks from the Tahoe Family Encampment.

6.  Gospel Chariot Africa Mission—Preaching from self contained vehicles that can go to back country Africa.  Began many congregations which become self supporting.  They support many native preachers.

7. Disaster Assistance Mission searches out disasters among churches of Christ throughout the US. Included was Colorado Springs fires and tornados.  Following disasters, they go to the site and help out in many ways- providing meals and clean-up etc.   At hurricane Sandy in New York they served 22,588 meals.  Visit or Facebook.

8.  World Bible School—   World Bible School began in Tulare, California.  Joel and Pat Coppinger developed this study program.  This ministry began with mailing Bible correspondence courses to contacts made through advertising.  This ministry has grown and now has a very efficient web based study program.  In April 2014, it began an email based program to complement the web based program.  This study program is very easy to begin and complete for both the student or a teacher:     World Bible School is always looking for new students and teachers.

9.  World Christian Broadcasting—Franklin Tennessee Broadcasting the gospel over short wave.  Transmitter in Alaska (30 years), but the praise goes out to the new one in Madagascar, going on line soon.  Broadcast in Mandarin, Russian and English from Alaska.   http://